About Us

Variablesoft.com is an online examination platform used by many universities, professional training institutes, college to manage their entrance exams, internal assessments of the students/candidates. It is cloud base platform with autoscale facility to manage examination of any scale. Our wealth of online testing experience, instant test results and easy-to-use quiz interface sets us apart as the leading online testing service provider, benefiting everyone from large corporations to private tutors. online testing service provides the best online testing solution which caters for virtually all assessment needs and is easy-to-use with all common web browsers, operating systems and smart devices including: variablesoft provides a freemium service to employers. Variablesoft is a feature rich, fully responsive, exam management engine.

we provide the management of examination and assessment, using an advanced hassle-free transactional interface. The streamlined process flow help with the easy creation of tests, circulation of products, calculation of scores, etc. It provides development of an improved communication link in-between the assessor and the assessee. Multiple tests can be clubbed together to form a product that can be purchased by the candidate and would contribute to the revenue generation. Secured flow of information, multiple payment gateway options, synchronized android and iOS interface will take you to the next level of examination. The panel is self- operational that requires simple online subscription that is extremely easy to use and learn. At variablesoft , we believe in people and we realize their potential. Working with us means working with people who have a passion for achievement and who strive for outstanding results. At variablesoft , we've ambitious plans to grow. New opportunities constantly arise. If you are talented, driven . . . .in is also one that people who want to become more knowledgeable will find greatly useful. If you're one such individual, you can come to the site, browse through these topics that you want to master and then take as many exams as you wish. If you are restless for knowledge, you can take one after the other the whole night through, until the morning comes.